Pharmacy & Retail

Our hospital maintains an impressive and extensive inventory of veterinary prescription and over the counter pharmaceuticals, vitamins, grooming products, toys and food as well as many other animal related products for both your small and large four legged companions.

You can rest knowing that our medications are obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under optimal conditions. In the unlikely event that we do not have a particular product or medication in stock, we can special order any products or our staff will direct you to where you may find it.

We have competitive prices on

The doctors and staff at WCVC are committed to providing service for immediate needs and consultation as well as assisting in developing a health program. Schedule a visit today, because every pet deserves the best care. Get in touch with our compassionate team – where their health is our top priority. Email inquiries can be sent to: or call  701-842-4VET (4838) 

We schedule our appointments between rounds and surgical procedures to ensure your visit with our doctors will be focused and uninterrupted. Please call to schedule an appointment. Of course, emergency service is handled ‘round the clock.

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