Diagnostic Technology and Telemedicine

At Watford City Veterinary Center, we strive to offer comprehensive diagnostics and utilize the latest technology.

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to run bloodwork, analyze body fluids, and make microscopic discoveries. With the Idexx laboratory at our fingertips, we are able to confidently perform blood, tissue and fluid tests for comprehensive or specific purposes in a timely fashion. For imaging, we have portable ultrasound and digital radiography to facilitate proper diagnosis and treatment of your pet with appropriate therapies. Soon we hope to also be equipped with other advanced systems including an endoscope, CT scanner, nuclear scintigraphy bone scanner, electro diagnostic imaging, and fiber optics for more advanced testing.

Coupling the most advanced technology with our skilled and compassionate experts proves that we offer the highest quality medicine and diagnostic testing available.

In addition to our experienced and knowledgeable on-site staff, our telemedicine capabilities put us in direct contact with experts throughout the world. If your pet has a more complicated problem or health crisis, we do our best to find the answers through our renowned specialists and resources.  We have initiated telemedicine here in rural western North Dakota because we recognize the value of having access to specialists who can provide 2nd opinions and guidance without excessive travel and increased costs for you and your pet.

The doctors and staff at WCVC are committed to providing service for immediate needs and consultation as well as assisting in developing a health program. Schedule a visit today, because every pet deserves the best care. Get in touch with our compassionate team – where their health is our top priority. Email inquiries can be sent to: info@vetexperts.com or call  701-842-4VET (4838) 

We schedule our appointments between rounds and surgical procedures to ensure your visit with our doctors will be focused and uninterrupted. Please call to schedule an appointment. Of course, emergency service is handled ‘round the clock.

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