About Us

Here at Watford City Veterinary Center we are committed to providing the best possible experience for every patient, every client, every time. We could not do that without the amazing team we have today!


In response Ray Kroc’s statement, “none of us is as good as all of us”, we are committed to educating pet owners as well as learning from them in an effort to collaboratively care for the animals we love..  

Watford City Veterinary Center is a full-service veterinary facility providing the Greater McKenzie County area with medical, surgical, behavioral and other veterinary related care for both large and small animals since 1967. Originally founded by Dr. Robert Nelson then transferred to Dr. Bruce Pedersen in 2012, the “Clinic” turned to “Center” when the brand new facility was built in 2014.  He and the staff continuously strive to maintain an unbeatable standard of care and are continuously growing as professional caregivers.

To provide the pet and livestock community with a superior level of veterinary care, we place great importance on using the latest technology and diagnostic tools. We hand pick our staff based on their excellent qualifications, high levels of compassion and skillset within the veterinary profession. Our exceptional team has a wide array of advanced skills and is dedicated to bettering the lives of the people and animals they serve by utilizing their education and expertise.  With an open invitation to stop by, we hope that you feel like you’re home every time you visit.

Our professional staff provides the highest quality veterinary care with a passion to match.  We love what we do and appreciate you trusting us with the care of your pet.


We are dedicated to provide an accountable training curriculum that rivals that of any veterinary university.


We strive to facilitate a thirst to be exceptionally compassionate veterinarians and train up extraordinary veterinary technicians and customer-care service support.


As a result of the aforementioned, clients can expect a consistent experience that exceeds their expectations.


We are Watford’s only full-service Mixed-Practice Veterinary Hospital, and have the love and knowledge to care for all animals, large and small. Every day, our staff offers from-the-heart care. We seek to aid in the revolution of the veterinary industry by establishing a service culture that supports both staff and clients by providing constant quality, compassionate medical care to enrich the lives of people and animals, from a small-town practice with big-city technology and innovation. 

Watford City Veterinary Center is a contemporary veterinary healthcare provider comprised of educated industry professionals who collaborate with field experts to maximize the standard and quality of animal health care while managing and strengthening the unique human-animal bond.


Via cutting edge technology, we seamlessly integrate the use of specialists into the everyday workflow of a busy practice.


Through the centralization of an off-site, we will practice remote management of operations and paperwork to significantly free veterinarians, technicians and client care support staff to focus on medicine and clients.


  • Provide the best possible experience for every patient, every time by being hyper-vigilant about patient monitoring and compassionate nursing care.
  • Provide an authentic trusting and comforting relationship with every member of a patient’s family
  • Provide a center where every treatment solution is explored with the medical team and patient’s family in a respectful and open-minded atmosphere
  • Provide a work environment filled with selfless and kind team players who always take into consideration the impact their decisions and actions will have on those around them
  • Provide a work environment where every person is accountable for ALL daily responsibilities and invested in finding operative solutions
  • We offer a holistic approach to animal wellness that focuses on preventative medicine. By adhering to this philosophy, you can rest assured your beloved companion is in the best hands at Watford City Veterinary Center.

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Caring for all Creatures Video (Featuring Dr. Bruce)